Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for HerbaNotes CLUB Control?

Click on the word "HERBANOTES" in the upper left corner, then click on "CLUB CONTROL", the system will take you to the CLUB HerbaNotes System Login screen, below the User and Password fields, click on "Click Here to register ", the site will direct to the registration form, fill in all the information carefully and then click on" Register User ", open your E-mail in another browser tab and copy the code sent by the system, paste -o on the registration confirmation screen.

How do I register for HerbaNotes COACH?

Click on the word "HERBANOTES" in the upper left corner, then click on "CLIENTS / PROSPECT", the system will take you to the Login Screen of the HerbaNotes COACH System, under the User and Password fields, click on the phrase "No Have a "sign up" account, the site will direct you to the registration form, fill in all the information carefully and then click "Confirm".

How can I trust on information security?

We work under the most complete rules of secrecy and security of information. We do not have access to any data and customers registered by users in the HerbaNotes system, the only information we have is your name, phone number and E-mail address used in the System registration so that we can contact you. Our company has been in the software development market for 29 years and our biggest worry is the security of your information.

Where is this information stored?

The information recorded in the System about customers, sales, inventory and reports is stored together with our servers located in the USA, the best DATA and equipment security company.

If I do not make my monthly payment, what happens?

The System will understand that the user will not use the system, blocking the access of the same and releasing after the confirmation of the payment.

If I choose not to use the System, how to cancel the subscription and not receive charges?

By choosing not to use the System, it is not necessary to cancel the subscription to not receive charges, just don’t make the payment of the monthly fee, and after a time without logging in, you will have the user blocked and the data that was included in the System will be permanently deleted.

HerbaNotes is showing slow points, what can I do to solve it?

The first step is to check if your internet signal is shared, if so, check the possibility of connecting the cable in the network of your computer, your connection will perform better. The second step is to analyze the performance of your connection through the signal may not arrive according to your contract for some reason and what we advise is that you contact the supplier company of your Internet sign

How to configure my CLUB in the System?

In the Dashboard menu, select the "System" menu and then "CLUB Registration", fill in all the information carefully and click "Save changes".

How do I get started with the System?

HerbaNotes offers online trainings, through videoconference with the instructor's screen follow-up, for free, just schedule your participation.

How to enter the sale to add a product?

After entering the name or code of the customer, to add products, click the "Add Products / Detail" button located above the "Register" button on the Access and Sales Control screen. The System will open a new screen, where you can select the products to be added in the buttons or by codes, if the product to be added is in closed packaging, check the "Closed Products" option and proceed in the same way.

How to change the value of Access and other products?

The change of the Access value, as well as that of other products is done through the System in the Dashboard, click on the "Stock" button and select the "General Product Catalog" option, locate by code or by name the Access or product that You want to change the value, enter the new value in the "Sale Price:" field and end by clicking "Save Changes".

How to put two forms of payment in just one sale?

To register in a sale, more than one form of payment, we must after the registration of the products, click on the button "Include Products / Detail" and in the right corner of the screen inform which means are being used to make payment, card values , Money, checks, vouchers and quantity for the case of cards.

How to change items, form of payment or cancel a sale after registration?

After registering a sale, if you need to change data or cancel it, you need to click the shopping cart icon in the last column of the sales records screen, in the sales line you want to delete, the system will open The "Include Products / Register" screen where you can change the sale data by filling in and clicking "Finish Sale" or delete the sale by clicking "Cancel Sale". These changes and cancellations can only be made by the Master System user, for safety reasons.

How do I see people who owe me or who have credit balance?

In the Dashboard menu, click on the "Financial" button, select the "Debtors / Creditors Report" option, the System will direct you to a screen where you can filter by option, DEBTORS: a report will be issued with all clients that are Should. CREDITORS: A report will be issued with all customers who are with positive credit balance. OR EVERYONE: A report will be issued for all your customers that have a debit or credit balance. After selecting the filter, click on "Generate Report".

How to compare profits report from previous months?

Through the Dashboard menu, click on the "Map Controller" button and select the "Monthly Earnings Summary" option indicating the period of time needed to compare the reports and the average number of days worked within the month. The System will create a report with its average of Accesses, the Points of Volumes accumulated and the Profits obtained within the period from the date of its registration.

Where do I get a report from all my customers?

You can retire a report with the name, telephone and E-mail of all your customers through the System in the Dashboard menu, clicking on the "Reports" button and accessing the option "Customers by Consultants", you can still use some filters , To focus on your search, or without filling in any of the fields, the System will create a report with all your registered customers with name, phone and E- mail, if you filled all this information in the act of registering that customer.

Difference in the cost of milk when making the Purchase Launch is wrong, how do I get it right?

Do not worry about this difference, it happens because in the Purchasing Control screen, the System holds up to two decimal places, and in the General Product Register, behave up to 4 decimal places. But in costing, the system removes the cost information entered on the Product Master Data screen taking the actual cost of the milk.

How do I see the costs of my Accesses conforming to the Reductions for Consumption?

In the Dashboard menu click on the "Reports" button and go to the "Demonstration of Cost / Consumption" option, enter the date on which you want to get the report and click on "Generate Report".

How to set down stock?

The System will automatically set down the products as the sales of closed products are registered, however, when opening a product to serve portions or in a separate way, it is necessary to give Down for Consumption, these downloads must be made through the "Inventory" menu by clicking On "Stock Control" and then indicating that the type of movement is “Set down for Consumption", you inform the product code and the quantity that is opening and click on "Register".

What is purchases suggestion?

Purchases suggestion is the report through which the system informs you which products you need to buy to replenish your stock, can be through a minimum stock default, or by average sales. This report can be accessed through the Dashboard system by clicking on the "Stock" button and selecting the "Suggested Purchases" option.

What is CF, Fidelity Card / Stamp ?

Fidelity Card / Stamp is the payment exchange used for Consumption of Access, rather than the customer making a payment per day of consumptions of Access, they buy a fidelity card and uses a stamp in each consumption of Access.

Can I control product loans?

HerbaNotes allows you to control the borrowed products in the Dashboard menu, click on the "Stock" button and select the "Loan Control" option, enter the product code to be moved and the quantity of the product (Negative if you are entering Your inventory) or positive (if you are leaving your stock), click "Save".

What is the client's screen?

Client screen is a screen available so that the customer upon arriving at the Store / CLUB realizes the request itself, optimizing the service with the kitchen.

What is Order List - Kitchen?

List of Orders - Kitchen is a screen of the HerbaNotes to where the orders placed in the sale screen are directed, its use is recommended for Stores / CLUB that work with sectors, and serves to inform the kitchen of the orders that are being made in the Store / CLUB, for this, make available a device only to receive this information and release ready orders.

How do I get a report from all my clients?

In the Dashboard menu, click on the "Report" button and then select the "Clients by Consultants" option, in this way you will have access to a report with all registered clients separated by Consultant ID and with information of E-mail and / Or phone if you filled out this data by registering them.

How do I update my tariff?

In the Dashboard Menu click on the "Stock" button and select the "Price List Update" option, the System will direct you to a new screen where you must inform the state in which you are located and how the products are transported Until you (Freight) and click on "Update Product Prices", the System will lt off the E-mail used to register a User Confirmation Code, without closing the System, open the E-mail in a new tab of your Browser, copy the sent code, and paste it into the Confirmation Screen and confirm the Price List update by clicking "OK".

How to register a new Card / Gift Card?

To register a new Card or Voucher, in the Dashboard menu, click the "Financial" button and go to the "Card / Voucher Registration" option, Fill in the requested information in the new screen and click "Save Changes".

How do I supply my stock?

From the Dashboard menu, the purchase control is a tab available on the dashboard where you will have control of your purchases, it allows you to add information such as buyer ID, discount calculation, payment forms and parcel numbers among other options that will make it easier for you to close The sale.

How to create a 90days campaign?

HerbaNote gives you the option to create campaigns, and one of them is the 90 day challenge in this option you will get reports that will facilitate the control of the campaign, to create a campaign, you must access the '' CAMPAIGNS '' tab in your dashboard where the campaigns will be available, in this tab you will find other types of campaigns that can be made.

What is a consumption / cost demonstration?

The Consumption / Cost statement is a report that will give you access to the detailed information regarding costs and consumption rates, so that you can get all the information about your values.

Where is the quantity of each product you have in stock?

In this report, it is separated by Products and Inventory, so for example, open products, closed products, other products, and in each product, you can see the quantity. As in the system you can have up to three types of Stocks (CLUB, Home that can be Home, Auxiliary elsewhere) it appears the three stocks and the quantity of each product in each stock and then the total balance of products in all stocks. If you work with Inventory only, the CLUB in the CLUB column shows quantity of products, If you work with Inventory only, the CLUB in the CLUB column shows quantity of products, If you work with Inventory only, the CLUB in the CLUB column shows quantity of products,

How to conduct a campaign?

HerbaNote allows you to create campaigns, such as the 90days challenge that provided you with the information needed to follow the campaign, to create a campaign you should go to the dashboard and click on the Campaigns tab where you can choose from the available campaigns which Is the one that most fits the profile of the visitor

What is temporary weekly summary?

The temporary weekly summary is a detailed report that offers information such as the number of hits, amounts collected, weekly profit forecast, this way you will have greater control over what your workweek will be like.

How do I send an E-MAIL by the system to my clients?

HerbaNote allows you to send emails to all your visitors, this way you can announce campaigns and values, to send these emails you must enter the campaigns tab and click on the option write e-mail and there select the option for all customers.

How to generate a 90 day plan report for my client?

To generate a 90 day plan report, you must access the campaign option in the dashboard, clicking on it will appear some options, click the report of the challenges, in the screen that opens you must select the campaign option.

How to access a consumption / cost demonstration?

HerbaNote offers you a consumption / cost report. To access this statement, you must access the reports option in the dashboard and click on the consumption / cost demonstration tab, clicking on the information you want to have the statement