All you need to control your business in the BEST POSSIBLE way!

Optimize Your Time, Manage Your Business, Conquer Your Customer, Increase Your Profit!

Club Control Customers / Prospects

With the HerbaNotes Club + HerbaNotes Consultant System you have the BEST CONTROL to leverage your Herbalife business!


Record your sales and have total control of your business through the system.


Inventory control, purchase suggestions, product replacement email.


Customized customer tracking with measurements, charts, menus, photos.


Custom and automatic SMS like birthday and Product Termination.


Frequent contact with your customer through personalized or automatic emails.


Schedule appointments, keep track of your schedules, and receive notifications.


Sharing campaigns on social networks.


Contact your customer more effectively through scheduled messages.


Screen for the customer to register the sale while the kitchen receives the orders.


Cash Closing, Net Income, Cash Flow, Debtors and more Reports.


Management with deadlines of receipts and fees of Cards and Control of Expenses.


Auto Map fill and the convenience of accessing it anywhere.


Reports for control: Customers, Sales, Costs, Receipts, Consumption, Performances and more.


Track your network for the best results.


In-app sales and information registration even when there is no connection.

Who we are

Founded in 1988 in Bauru-SP, Know-How-K & S is a company
management software development that produces own systems,
innovating and creating new ways to optimize and meet completely the administrative needs.


Our goal is to develop specific systems through modern software engineering techniques to facilitate and improve performance in their administrative managements and greater results from our customers. In order to maintain the standard of excellence of these services, we have a team of qualified professionals.


Attend with excellence our clients supplying their needs with agility and quality, contributing to the improvement and success of the control.


Being constantly evolving with the new technologies and due to the continuous work done together with our customers, listening to them and seeking solutions to better serve them. Therefore, it is recognized as the best option by customers for the quality of our products, services and relationship.


Commitment, seriousness, effectiveness and competence in customer service.




When a new year beggins nothing better than change, and in this way with the new page HerbaNotes system, we present you the option to use our suite of systems to make your business more productive, increase their accomplishments and achieve success. The system consists of HerbaNotes CLUB, HerbaNotes Coach and Mobile Application (on Android).
In our page you will be within all the news that are released, system updates, training schedules, frequently asked questions, who we are and what happens inside our company. So you can always follow us on our page, and social networks.
Let our system work for you, have more free time, forget the papers, the accounts, get results are real and you return to more and more leverage your business!


The new HerbaNotes application is available for news that will help the Consultant in the development of their activities! Among the most expected functions in Customer Tracking, Linking Ratings, WhatsApp Messaging, Purchase Register, allowing you to have simple and fast access to your customers' information. With Offline Operation the app will allow the functions registration even without connection to an internet at the moment ( synchronize only when you have an internet connection so your information will be all in management systems). The best agenda for the best appointments scheduled with appointment notifications and scheduled messages.
With the HerbaNotes app you will no forget when get the data to the customer to make a new purchase, perform as measurements, among other schedules increase your performance and increasingly show accurate results to your customers.
The app is available on Android and soon in IOS increases the essential systems activities set essential to reach your success offline.


The HerbaNotes system provides to you the Coach tool for total follow-up of your customers, making the consultant's work easier and automating the contact and individual interaction with each customers in different ways. Manage what messages are sent via whatsapp, customize the automatic sending emails and images for advertising shared on social networks. The HerbaNotes Coach also counts on the agenda, to follow measurements with photos, results and charts, reminders in notifications of actions with costumers, sale, various types of reports to understand and dominate your business.
With this new tool you still have the availability of the follow up of your focus groups and you can also send links with the Surveys / Evaluations in social networks to get new prospects / clients.
Sign up right now in Coach and see all the news to follow up on each client! (For CLUB clients, after registering with Coach, inform your CLUB user in My Data)


In the rhythm of news we announce to you that the HerbaNotes System is also new face. The new layout for HerbaNotes CLUB has become more intuitive, easy and simple to use. Always thinking about expanding your service area to make your day easier, the new version was developed with new product button options that can now be personalized the way you work, payment forms on the customer's screen With the cards most used by its clients, reports that help in the control of your space.
The system is designed for you to administer in an easy, convenient and safe way. For those who have CLUB and / or for those who want to really control their business. The proposal is to optimize your time, knowing what happens anywhere, anytime with the power to control everything about your business, understanding what actually happens through the reports. This way you can increase your profits and productivity within your CLUB. Have a relax day , travel, wander and receive daily emails with the closing of your best day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pending Sale?

Pending sale is a sale in which you are still waiting for confirmation of the payment method, Ex: Customer arrives, orders a Soup and will consume, this customer always pays after it consumes, then during that period of consumption, so that he can attend Other customers, put in the form of payment as Pending.

Why is my Inventory negative in the Inventory Report?

If you already use the System there is a time to register sales, but do not stock supply, you start to generate a negative balance of products. This is because, when registering the sale of products with zero balance in the inventory, the system must continue to count, then the negative balance appears.

I want to start tracking my Stock, how do I?

When you use the Sales System prior to launching stock, you have eventually generated a negative balance. Making the Settlement of this Stock to have control over it is simple. First take out a stock report to find out which products have a negative balance in the Menu; Stock; Inventory Report; Check the "Products only with Balance" option. You can either save this report or print it, With Access to this report, open Inventory Control in the Menu; Stock; Inventory Control, Select the Inventory Stock / Club option. Put in the table header, the product codes and the amount needed to clear it (See Shop Column / Club the amount Ex. -5 in the Set you inform 5), do this with all the items in the report. Repeat the action with the option to also adjust the Auxiliary Stock and the Main Stock if you work with any of them, Click End Movement at the end. Once you have the entire inventory cleared, it is time to launch the products you have so that you have to count your physical stock. With the count in hand, the launch must also be done in the Stock Control, Stock Settlement, inform the code or name of the product and the amount of it available. Click End Move when finished.

How to make a carton sale?

In the Access and Sales Control screen, there is a button called Card / Stamp, clicking on this button the Cards turn products that you will sell, select the Payment Method and click on Register, the System will open a window where you must inform which Cartela sold and its quantity.

How to have more than one card value?

You can register up to 4 different values ​​of Poster / Stamp by going to the Menu; Stock; General Product Registry. Locate them by the codes and register the value of each one in the Price field. We recommend that: CF = Access; CF1 = VIP access; CF2 = NutriSoup; CF3 = NutriSoup Vip.

How to enter the sale to register an additional product?

On the Access and Sales Control screen, above the Register button, click the Add Products / Detail button, the next screen that opens will allow you to add products for sale.

Where do I Launch Purchases?

Product launches purchased must be made in: Menu; Stock; Purchasing Control; Enter the date of purchase; If your Stock is separated by ID, enter the ID responsible for the purchase; The Invoice number; Put in Total Payment the amount of the payment made; In the table next to it, enter the codes and quantities of each product you bought, at the end, click Finish Purchase.

How to change a customer's name?

To change the name of a registered customer in the system, open the register of the same in: Menu; Sales; General Customer Control. Click the Add-ons option, on the left side there will be a button written "Change Name", when clicking this button the field where the customer name becomes editable, make the change and click Save Changes.

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